Episode 2.01: "Little Fish"

Episode 2.02: "The Thunder Man"

Episode 2.03: "The Warrior Class"

Episode 2.04: "Bloodlines"

Episode 2.05: "The Truth About Unicorns"

Episode 2.06: "Armies of One"

Episode 2.07: "Ways to Bury a Man"

Episode 2.08: "Evil for Evil"

Episode 2.09: "Homecoming"

Episode 2.10: "Bullets & Tears"

Big Time In Hollywood, FL

Episode 1.01: "Severance"

Episode 1.02: "Intervention"

Episode 1.03: "Rehabilitation"

Episode 1.04: "To Catch A Paparazzi"

Episode 1.05: "A Night In"

Episode 1.06: "Separate but Equal"

Episode 1.07: "What Dreams May Come"

Episode 1.08: "Monkey Largo"

Episode 1.09: "The Hand That Feeds"

Episode 1.10: "Art Imitates Death"

Bob's Burgers 

Episode 4.01: "A River Runs Through Bob" 

Episode 4.02: "Fort Night" 

Episode 4.03: "Seaplane!" 

Episode 4.04: "My Big Fat Greek Bob"

Episode 4.05: "Turkey in a Can"

Episode 4.06: "Purple Rain-Union"

Episode 4.07: "Bob and Deliver"

Episode 4.08: "Christmas in a Car"

Episode 4.09: "Slumber Party"

Episode 4.10: "Presto, Tina-O"

Episode 4.11: "Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial"

Episode 4.12: "The Frond Files"

Episode 4.13: "Mazel-Tina"

Episode 4.14: "Uncle Teddy"

Episode 4.15: "The Kids Rob a Train"

Episode 4.16: "I Get A Psy-chic Out of You"

Episode 4.17: "The Equestranauts"

Episode 4.18: "Ambergris"

Episode 4.19: "The Kids Run Away"

Episode 4.20: "Gene It On"

Episode 4.21: "Wharf Horse (Or How Bob Saves/Destroys The Town Pt. 1)"

Episode 4.22: "World Wharf II (How Bob Saves/Destroys The Town Pt. 2)"

Episode 5.01: "Work Hard Or Die Trying, Girl"

Episode 5.02: "Tina and the Real Ghost"

Episode 5.03: "Friends with Burger-fits" 

Episode 5.04: "Dawn of the Peck"

Episode 5.05: "Best Burger"

Episode 5.06: "Father of the Bob"

Episode 5.07: "Tinker Tailor Tina Spy"

Episode 5.08: "Midday Run"

Episode 5.09: "Speakeasy Rider"

Episode 5.10: "Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise"

Episode 5.11: "Can't Buy Me Math"


Episode 2.01: "Episode One"

Episode 2.02: "Episode Two"

Episode 2.03: "Episode Three"

Episode 2.04: "Episode Four"

Episode 2.02: "Without A Country"

Episode 2.03: "Fires Of Heaven"

Episode 2.04: "Poor Yorick"

Episode 2.05: "Be True"

Episode 2.07: "True Love Never"

Episode 2.08: "My Bad Parts"

Episode 2.10: "Et Tu, Brute?"

Episode 2.11: "Death With Have His Day"

Episode 2.12: "A Rose By Any Other Name"

Episode 2.13: "The Tameness of a Wolf"

Episode 2.15: "More Than Kin"

Episode 2.17: "Rise By Sin"

Episode 2.18: "Past Is Prologue"


Game Of Thrones

Episode 5.01: "The Wars To Come"

Episode 5.02: "The House of Black and White"

Episode 5.03: "High Sparrow"

Episode 5.04: "Sons of the Harpy"

Episode 5.05: "Kill The Boy"

Episode 5.06: "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"

Episode 5.07: "The Gift"

Episode 5.08: "Hardhome"

Episode 5.09: "The Dance of Dragons"

Episode 5.10: "Mother's Mercy"


The Knick

Episode 1.01: "Methods and Madness"

Episode 1.02: "Mr. Paris Shoes"

Episode 1.03: "The Busy Flea"

Episode 1.04: "Where's The Dignity?"

Episode 1.05: "They Capture The Heat"

Episode 1.06: "Start Calling Me Dad"

Episode 1.07: "Get the Rope"

Episode 1.08: "Working Late A Lot"

Episode 1.09: "The Golden Lotus"

Episode 1.10: "Crutchfield"

Episode 2.01: "Ten Knots"

Episode 2.03: "The Best With The Best To Get The Best"

Episode 2.04: "Wonderful Surprises"

Episode 2.05: "Whiplash"

Episode 2.06: "There Are Rules"

Episode 2.07: "Williams & Walker"

Episode 2.08: "Not Well At All"

Episode 2.09: "Do You Remember Moon Flower?"

Episode 2.10: "This Is All We Are"


The Leftovers

Episode 1.01: "Pilot"

Episode 1.02: "Penguins One, Us Zero"

Episode 1.03: "Two Boats and a Helicopter"

Episode 1.04: "BJ and the AC"

Episode 1.05: "Gladys"

Episode 1.06: "Guest"

Episode 1.07: "Solace for Tired Feet"

Episode 1.08: "Cairo"

Episode 1.09: "The Garveys At Their Best"

Episode 1.10: "The Prodigal Son Returns"

Episode 2.01: "Axis Mundi"

Episode 2.02: "A Matter Of Geography"

Episode 2.03: "Off-Ramp"

Episode 2.04: "Orange Sticker"

Episode 2.05: "No Room At The Inn"

Episode 2.06: "Lens"

Episode 2.07: "A Most Powerful Adversary"

Episode 2.08: "International Assassin"

Episode 2.09: "Ten Thirteen"

Episode 2.10: "I Live Here Now"


The League

Episodes 7.01/7.02: "That Other Draft"/"The Draft Of Innocence"

Episode 7.03: "The Blind Spot"

Episode 7.04: "Deflategate"

Episode 7.05: "The Bully"

Episode 7.06: "The Beer Mile"

Episode 7.07: "Trophy Kevin"

Episode 7.08: "The Last Temptation Of Andre"

Episode 7.09: "The Yank Banker"

Episode 7.10: "The Block"

Episode 7.12: "13 Stages Of Grief"

Empire 7.13: "The Great Night Of Shiva"


Episode 1.01: "Looking For Now"

Episode 1.02: "Looking For Uncut"

Episode 1.03: "Looking at Your Browser History"

Episode 1.04: "Looking for $220/Hr"

Episode 1.05: "Looking for The Future"

Episode 1.06: "Looking in the Mirror"

Episode 1.07: "Looking for a Plus-One"

Episode 1.08: "Looking Glass"

Episode 2.01: "Looking For the Promised Land"

Episode 2.02: "Looking For Results"

Episode 2.03: "Looking Top To Bottom"

Episode 2.04: "Looking Down The Road"

Episode 2.06: "Looking For Gordon Freeman"

Episode 2.07: "Looking For a Plot"

Episode 2.08: "Looking For Glory"

Episode 2.09: "Looking For Sanctuary"

Episode 2.10: "Looking For Home"

The Newsroom

Episode 3.01: "Boston"

Episode 3.02: "Run"

Episode 3.03: "Main Justice"

Episode 3.04: "Contempt"

Episode 3.05: "Oh Shenandoah"

Episode 3.06: "What Kind of Day Has It Been"


Episode 1.01/1.02: "Limbic Convergence"/"I Am Also A We"

Episode 1.03/1.04: "Smart Money Is On The Skinny Bitch"/"What's Going On?"

Episode 1.05/1.06: "Art Is Like Religion"/"Demons"

Episode 1.07/1.08: "What Would N. Double D.?"/"We Will All Be Judged By The Courage In Our Hearts"

Episode 1.09/1.10: "Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye"/"What Is Human?"

Episode 1.11/1.12: "Just Turn The Wheel and the Future Changes"/"I Can't Leave Her"

Silicon Valley

Episode 1.01: "Minimum Viable Product"

Episode 1.02: "The Cap Table"

Episode 1.03: "Articles of Incorporation"

Episode 1.04: "Fiduciary Duties"

Episode 1.05: "Signaling Risk"

Episode 1.06: "Third Party Insourcing"

Episode 1.07: "Proof of Concept"

Episode 1.08: "Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency"

Episode 2.01: "Sand Hill Shuffle"

Episode 2.02: "Runaway Devaluation"

Episode 2.03: "Bad Money"

Episode 2.04: "The Lady"

Episode 2.06: "Homicide"

Episode 2.07: "Adult Content"

Episode 2.08: "White Hat/Black Hat"

Episode 2.09: "Binding Arbitration"

Episode 2.10: "Two Days of the Condor"

Episode 3.01: "Founder Friendly"

Episode 3.02: "Two In The Box"

Episode 3.03: "Meinertzhagen's Haversack"

Episode 3.04: "Maleant Data Systems Solutions"

Episode 3.05: "The Empty Chair"

Episode 3.06: "Bachmanity Insanity"

Episode 3.07: "To Build A Better Beta"

Episode 3.08: "Bachman's Earning's Over-Ride"

Episode 3.09: "Daily Active Users"

Episode 3.10: "The Uptick"


Episode 1.01: "Pilot"

Episode 1.02: "A Bitch Named Karma"

Episode 1.03: "Rachel McAdams Topless"

Episode 1.04: "Famous Last Words"

Episode 1.05: "Alcohol-Related Injury"

Episode 1.06: "The Finger"

Episode 1.07: "Till Jeff Do Us Part"

Episode 1.08: "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Episode 1.09: "There's No 'I' In Cream"

Episode 1.10: "Shotgun Wedding"

Episode 2.01/2.02: "Superdick"/"Johnny Nightingale"

Episode 2.03/2.04: "Briandipity"/"Transcendual"

Episode 2.05: "All The Single Ladies"

Episode 2.06: "Screw The One Percent"

Episode 2.07: "Let Pythons Be Pythons"

Episode 2.08: "Hypocritical Oath"

Episode 2.09: "Charbroiled"

Episode 2.11: "Six Feet Over Under"

Episode 2.12: "No Love"

Episode 2.13: "Sub-Primal Fears"


Episode 1.01: "Family Day"

The Tomorrow People 

Episode 1.01: Pilot 

Episode 1.02: "In Too Deep" 

Episode 1.03: "Girl, Interrupted" 

Episode 1.04: "Kill Or Be Killed"

Episode 1.05: "All Tomorrow's Parties"

Episode 1.06: "Sorry For Your Loss"

Episode 1.07: "Limbo"

Episode 1.08: "Thanatos"

Episode 1.09: "Death's Door"

Episode 1.10: "The Citadel"

Episode 1.11 : "Rumble"

Episode 1.12: "Sitting Ducks"

Episode 1.13: "Things Fall Apart"

Episode 1.14: "Brother's Keeper"

Episode 1.15: "Enemy of My Enemy"

Episode 1.16: "Superhero"

Episode 1.17: "Endgame"

Episode 1.18: "Smoke & Mirrors"

Episode 1.19: "Modus Vivendi"

Episode 1.20: "A Sort of Homecoming"

Episode 1.21: "Kill Switch"

Episode 1.22: "Son of Man"

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Episode 1.01/1.02: "Kimmy Goes Outside!"/"Kimmy Gets A Job!"

Episode 1.03/1.04: "Kimmy Goes On A Date!"/"Kimmy Goes To The Doctor!"

Episode 1.05/1.06: "Kimmy Kisses A Boy!"/"Kimmy Goes To School!"

Episode 1.07/1.08: "Kimmy Goes To A Party!"/"Kimmy Is Bad At Math!"

Episode 1.09/1.10: "Kimmy Has A Birthday!"/"Kimmy's In A Love Triangle!"

Final Three Episodes


Episode 1.01: "Pilot"

Episode 1.02: "Yesterday Once More"

Episode 1.03: "Whispered Secrets"

Episode 1.04: "The Racket"

Episode 1.05: "He In Racist Fire"

Episode 1.06: "Cyclone"

Episode 1.07: "The King & I"

Episode 1.08: "E.A.B."

Episode 1.09: "Rock & Roll Queen"

Episode 1.10: "Alibi"

Why? with Hannibal Buress

Episode 1.01: "8th of July Celebration!"