Wig Out

My mother has been making some token efforts to clean out portions of her home recently. And in doing so, stumbled upon a couple of stashes of stuff that I once held dear to my heart: a box of old journals and stacks of VHS tapes containing episodes of Twin Peaks and '90s-era music videos. 

Looking through them, I found a small bit of treasure (the rest is going to Goodwill or a burn bin): a few notebooks where I kept meticulous track of the playlists of a radio show I used to do at KMUN in Astoria. I started as a junior in high school with my friend, Fred, but he soon took off for college, leaving me with my own solo show on Friday nights called Wig Out  (the title taken from Girl Trouble's '90s zine). 

Looking through these notebooks, it's interesting to note the evolution of my taste in music at that time. I dug on lots of fairly sanguine British pop, the occasional radio hit, and assorted weirdness I would find stuck into the crannies of KMUN's record library. And there are many tracks here that I'm almost embarrassed to admit I had a penchant for some 20 years back. 

There's more research and thought to be put into what to do with these playlists, if anything. But for now, I'm going to type the first one in these two notebooks I brought inside with me here. All for your amusement. 

Wig Out 7/29/94 

Andres - L7

Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown - Mudhoney

They're Hanging Me Tonight - Marty Robbins

All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow

When The Sun Shines, I Can See Your Mind - Death Praxis

Yuri-G - PJ Harvey

Funk Me Dirty - Bootsy's New Rubber Band

Me And Some Drums - Shelly Manne

Dreaming Of The Queen - Pet Shop Boys

Thoughtforms - Lush

Visionary - Redd Kross

Doin' The Shout - John Lee Hooker

Fiesta Brava - Celeste Mendoza

Say Something - James

Animal Wild - Shudder To Think

The Becoming - Nine Inch Nails

Apply Within - Culture

In The Heat of the Night - Soul II Soul

Who's Sorry Now? - Jerry Murad's Fabulous Harmonicats

Thrupenny Tears/Even The Odd - Trash Can Sinatras

On Any Other Day - The Police

Shakin' Shakin' Shakes - Los Lobos

New Greenback Dollar - Roy Acuff

Someone Keeps Moving My Chair - They Might Be Giants

Water - Dinosaur Jr.  

All The King's Friends - Soul Asylum

Stompin' At The Savoy - Harry Connick Jr.  

Sweet Love - Anita Baker

Opelousas (Sweet Relief) - Maria McKee

Makin' Whoopee - Michelle Pfeiffer